Our Work in Science

ETEK’s application of specialized expertise in various areas including bioinformatics & processing of DNA sequencing data, and remote sensing Earth science satellite data collection, processing and distribution, enable us to create customized, high-performance, and reliable solutions that transform your data into valuable research products.


Innovative Solutions

ETEK is committed to transforming the science, engineering, and technical industries by changing the way people approach technological challenges and providing innovative, robust, yet practical solutions for our clients’ needs.

Solving Scientists’ Difficult Problems

Science drives technological advancement, with Research and Development breakthroughs bridging today’s systems with tomorrow’s high-performance computing. We tackle scientific challenges with open minds, collaborating to understand your needs and deliver innovative solutions.


Science is the driver behind technological advancement. The scientific breakthroughs discovered in Research and Development are the nexus bridging the gap between today’s operating systems and tomorrow’s high-performance computing systems.
Science Engineering and Technology services for Military and Defense Agencies, Civilian Government Agencies, and Commercial Sector Clients