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About ETEK

Eclipse Technical Systems, LLC (ETEK) is an SBA 8(a) certified, minority-owned small business providing science, engineering, Information Technology (IT), and management services to government and private sector clients. We focus on providing forward-thinking, cost-effective solutions that ensure our customers’ missions are successful.

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Helping Customers Evolve

Our success is built upon the pillars of innovation and excellence. We believe our authentic commitment to these two ideals in the world of technology is paramount, as without them it is easy to fall into obsolescence.

Our Vision

Be the catalyst for innovation in every space we enter.




Our Principles

ETEK’s principles are emphasized in every aspect of our culture and day-to-day operations.

  • Forward-Thinking
    We pride ourselves on being visionaries, paying close attention to trends in our markets that enable us to provide forward-thinking solutions for our customers.
  • Curiosity
    We always seek to gain a thorough understanding of our customers’ mission requirements in order to create robust, effective, and innovative solutions.
  • Passion
    It is what keeps our employees driven and allows us to anticipate our clients’ mission requirements.
  • Candor
    We encourage our employees to ask questions about why things are done the way they are. We provide an environment where honesty is not only encouraged but highly valued.
  • Respect
    Our culture emphasizes respecting our customers,
    vendors, business associates, and partners, and each
    and every employee both professionally and personally.


Open minds & advanced technologies.