Open Minds & Advanced Technologies

ETEK was founded to create and implement forward-thinking scientific, engineering, and technological solutions that satisfy the unique needs of every customer.

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ETEK’s application of specialized expertise in various areas including bioinformatics & processing of DNA sequencing data, and remote sensing Earth science satellite data collection, processing and distribution, enable us to create customized, high-performance, and reliable solutions that transform your data into valuable research products.

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We provide innovative solutions to complex engineering and operational challenges for Life, Earth, and Space Science systems. Our engineers explore the unexplored and design the structures at the forefront of maintaining and advancing Life, Earth, and Space Science for our customers.

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We provide award-winning federal government and commercial sector technical support in the following areas: GIS, Artificial Intelligence (AI), High Performance Computing, Cloud Computing, Data Science and Storage, Financial Management, Information Technology (IT), Machine Learning, and Multimedia & Graphics Design.

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We are a catalyst for innovation in every space we enter.

Embracing innovation and integrating a culture of excellence in every aspect of what we do enables us to achieve what others believe is impossible.

ETEK Fosters Excellence

Collaboration.  Creativity.
Collective problem-solving. We believe these values foster a healthy, productive company culture with employees at the center of ETEK’s success. Our team exemplifies dedication to technical excellence, openness to innovative ideas, and commitment to customer service.


Open minds & advanced technologies. 

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